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Allergorithm: allergy algorithm to increase pre-test probability of allergic disease
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Omalizumab prevents anaphylaxis and improves symptoms and quality of life in systemic mastocytosis
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Evaluation and validation of a salivary interleukin-3 immunosorbent assay for the evaluation of chronic urticaria exacerbated by a salicylate rich diet
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Oral immunotherapy with peach-juice in lipid transfer protein (LTP) allergy: is it possible to reach tolerance?
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Basophil activation test (BAT) as a measure of passive sensitization following plasma transfusion
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Omalizumab treatment for severe food allergy caused by lipid transfer protein: a preliminary case series
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Omalizumab administration in non-atopic chronic spontaneous urticaria patients prevents respiratory illnesses
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Omalizumab retreatment of patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria / chronic spontaneous urticaria following return of symptoms: Primary results of the optima study
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Alternative method in allergy diagnosis by thermographic imaging
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Prediction of atopy at 6 years of age by cord blood IgE
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Component resolved diagnostics reduces diet restrictions by half among Finnish school children
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Another brick in the wall: toward a national food allergy strategy for canada
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Phenotypic characterisation of severe OCS-dependent atopic asthma patients treated with mepolizumab
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Multi-approach analysis for the identification of proteases within birch pollen
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Randomized controlled trial of the efficacy of low dose ingestion of egg in children with egg allergy aged less than 36 months
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Personalized and rapid food allergy test using natural allergenic extracts
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Phenotypic characterisation of severe atopic asthma patients treated with mepolizumab
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IgG, IgE and IgG4 specific antibodies to molecular allergens of aspergillus fumigatus
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Distance to treatment centre has an impact on number of patients treated with omalizumab - results from a nurse initiated real-life cohort study.
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Frozen-defrosted dried skimmed milk is a suitable product for sublingual immunotherapy for cow's milk allergy
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Unique transcriptomic signature of allergen-specific CD4 T cells and regulatory T cells during allergen-specific immunotherapy
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Blo t 5-der p 2 hybrid molecule allows detecting most of house dust mite allergic patients.
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Genome-wide identification of allergic rhinitis-related gene networks using blood transcriptomics in a tropical urban environment
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Milk ingestion in daily diet after OIT in cma patients
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Omalizumab treated patients experience good subjective effect on symptoms and quality of life- results from a nurse initiated real-life interview investigation
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Structural and immunological comparison of heat treated pru p 3 and art v 3, the non-specific lipid transfer proteins of peach and mugwort pollen
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Development of parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) methods for soy and milk detection: consideration of allergen-derived ingredients
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Omalizumab, lights and shadows of our experience
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M1 and M2 macrophage gene methylation profiles in patients with kawasaki disease
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Sensitization to the pollen of different olive tree cultivars in a group of Portuguese patients
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Hyperamylasemia among patients treated with omalizumab
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Development of a web-based educative intervention for schools and restaurants: Food allergy community program (FAC Program)
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Characterization of a major allergen from mongolian oak, quercus mongolica, a dominant species of oak in Korea
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Recombinant fish parvalbumin Gad c 1 as a prognostic marker of fish allergy
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Cytogenetic analysis of tumor cultures for preparation of personified antitumor vaccines against bladder cancer
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Mepolizumab: anti-asthmatic but not anti-allergic?
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Component resolved diagnosis using guinea-pig allergens elucidates allergen sensitization profiles in allergy to furry animals
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Clinical and immunological evolution of patients who failed milk-oral immunotherapy
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Development and validation of a novel multiplex immunoassay for the simultaneous quantification of food allergen proteins
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Omalizumab for the treatment of chronic idiopathic/spontaneous urticaria in children
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Sialylated fetuin-a is a candidate predictive biomarker for successful grass pollen allergen immunotherapy
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Complete sequence and recombinant production of horse dander allergen Equ c 2
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Sensitisation to Fel d 2, 4 and 7 is associated with type-2 inflammation in young asthmatics
EAACI Online Library, Nikolaos Tsolakis, 176911
Liposomes modified by carbohydrates for targeted sirna delivery into the liver cells
EAACI Online Library, Olesya Koloskova, 176953
Home self-administration of omalizumab for chronic spontaneous urticaria
EAACI Online Library, Tariq El-Shanawany, 176957
Frequency and causes of reintroduction failure after negative food challenge in adults
EAACI Online Library, Astrid Versluis, 176884
Molecular allergy diagnostics refines the characterization of children allergic to dog
EAACI Online Library, Ulrika Käck, 177019
Could anti-CD38 (daratumumab) be used in the management of severe allergic diseases?
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Molecular fingerprinting of complex grass allergoids: size assessments reveal new insights in epitope repertoires and functional capacities
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Short interfering ribonucleic acids targeted to interleukin-33 decrease airway hyperresponsiveness and lung inflammation in a mouse model of virus induced asthma exacerbation
EAACI Online Library, Valerii Valerievich Smirnov, 184390
In vitro human nasal epithelial cells model as a complementary model for population level transcriptomic profiling of emerging respiratory infectious disease
EAACI Online Library, Kai Sen Tan, 176913
Enumeration of regulatory T cells in esophageal tissue of patients with eosinophilic esophagitis in comparison to patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease and control group.
EAACI Online Library, Fatemehsadat Mousavinasab, 177070
Comparison of spirometry and impulse oscillometry to assess methacholine test in children
EAACI Online Library, Pamela Jara Gutiérrez, 183471
Treatment of chronic spontaneous urticaria and angioedema with 5 - aminosalicylate
EAACI Online Library, Colin Barber, 183477
Computer bronchophonography - frequency analysis of the respiratory cycle.
EAACI Online Library, Anita Denisova, 176979
Targeting CD151 reduces severity of influenza a virus infection by promoting innate immune system and interrupting viral proteins nuclear export
EAACI Online Library, Yongkang Qiao, 176993
Correlation of the allergenicity and tolerogenicity of two cow’s milk protein products with intestinal uptake
EAACI Online Library, Katrine B. Graversen, 177031
The overnight use of a temperature-controlled laminar airflow (TLA) device has sustained benefit for children with severe eczema
EAACI Online Library, Claudia Gore, 183476
Tree nut responsive IL-5+ Th cells dominate in allergic and asymptomatically sensitized but not in non-sensitized tolerant subjects
EAACI Online Library, Lars Blom, 176944
Allergy development during the first 10 years of life in a Swedish prospective birth cohort is preceded by a lack of early lactobacilli-colonization and a skewed plasma chemokine-profile
EAACI Online Library, Sofia Bjorkander, 177054
Long-term treatment with low-dose medicine in chronic childhood eczema. A double-blind two-stage randomized control trial
EAACI Online Library, Elena Galli, 183475
A comparative in vitro nasal model for rhinovirus infection: a model for understanding rhinovirus immune activation in the nasal epithelium
EAACI Online Library, Hsiao Hui Ong, 176915
Severe pollen-mediated food reactions correlate with oral mucosa integrity and effector cell sensitivity.
EAACI Online Library, Domenico Rosace, 176930
Preliminary blinded study on the use of emollient products and detergents based on Sacha Inchi oil, in children affected by mild-moderate atopic dermatitis
EAACI Online Library, Sonia Musumeci, 183474
Human umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells decreased T helper 17 immune response in skin draining lymph node of atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions induced by aspergillus fumigatus
EAACI Online Library, Sungsu Jung, 176902
Emollient therapy alters barrier function and skin microbes in infants at risk for developing atopic dermatitis
EAACI Online Library, Martin Glatz, 183473
Real-time biofeedback and target minute ventilation in eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation test in children aged 10-16 years
EAACI Online Library, Janne Burman, 176850
Combined exposure of intestinal epithelial cells to the dietary oligosaccharide mixture ScFOS/LcFOS and CpG DNA enhances the Th1 and regulatory IL-10 response in an allergen-specific co-culture model
EAACI Online Library, Simone Hayen, 176879
Values of fractional exhaled nitric oxide in diagnosis and treatment of children with chronic cough
EAACI Online Library, Wujun Jiang, 176793
Gut microbiota development in healthy and allergic children: a prospective study from infancy to school age
EAACI Online Library, Christina West, 177069
Optimized growth conditions for malassezia Spp. improves research on its role in atopic dermatitis
EAACI Online Library, Martin Glatz, 183472
Non-digestible oligosaccharides can influence IgE-mediated basophil degranulation in whole blood of peanut allergic patients
EAACI Online Library, Simone Hayen, 176877
Evaluation of gut microbiota and fecal butyrate concentration in children affected by non-IgE-mediated cow’s milk allergy
EAACI Online Library, Rita Nocerino, 176800
Metal sequestering dermal cream exhibits beneficial effects in patients with dyshidrotic eczema associated with nickel induced allergic contact dermatitis - a pilot study
EAACI Online Library, Malena Gergovska, 177103
Immuno-clinical investigation of IgE-mediated cross reactivity of major nosocomial fungal allergens: a serious health hazard in Barasat District Hospital
EAACI Online Library, Mouli Saha, 177046
Long-term follow-up outcomes of clinical remission and pulmonary function following early anti-inflammatory therapy for asthma in children under 2 years old
EAACI Online Library, Masanori Ikeda, 176819
Thermal processing effects on cashew and pistachio allergenicity
EAACI Online Library, Beatriz Cabanillas, 176864
Respiratory virus infection and house dust mite sensitization may be associated with childhood asthma exacerbation in the fall: a single center study
EAACI Online Library, Song-I Yang, 176901
Staphylococcus aureus accelerates inflammation on the asthmatic patient’s primary epithelial cells.
EAACI Online Library, Joo Hyun Lim, 176994
Dietary intervention with a synbiotic mixture of scGOS/lcFOS with bifidobacterium breve M-16V in infants with atopic dermatitis shows beneficial immunological changes in chemokine profiles
EAACI Online Library, Lies Hulshof, 177026
Diverse effects of thermal processing on walnut proteins
EAACI Online Library, Jeong-Min Lee, 177075
Human rhinovirus is the major cause of asthma exacerbation and acute lower respiratory tract infections among hospitalized children in Hong Kong
EAACI Online Library, Ting Fan Leung, 176904
IL-33 demonstrate strong upregulation in asthmatics with respiratory virus infections
EAACI Online Library, Igor Shilovskiy, 176973
The use of the online patient portal for atopic dermatitis patients in daily practice; characteristics of portal users and non-users
EAACI Online Library, Lieneke Ariens, 177018
IgA to cow’s milk differs between breast milk and serum for its epitope specificity
EAACI Online Library, Antti Seppo, 177073
Human neutrophils process and present antigens to cd4+ T cells
EAACI Online Library, Dominika Polak, 176945
Proteomic analysis of food allergen transport into the bloodstream in a mouse model
EAACI Online Library, Nathan Marsteller, 176969
Sensitization to house dust mites as a risk factor for asthma exacerbation in the fall
EAACI Online Library, BEOM JOON KIM, 176806
Distinctive clinical response to lactobacillus plantarum CJLP133 in children with atopic dermatitis
EAACI Online Library, Jihyun Kim, 176823
Sensitising capacity of unmodified and acid hydrolysed gluten through the skin - a comparative study in naïve versus tolerant brown norway rats
EAACI Online Library, Anne-Sofie Ballegaard, 176939
Eosinophil derived neurotoxin as a bio-marker of disease severity in severe atopic dermatitis
EAACI Online Library, Jin Tack Kim, 176988
New approach shows no clear relation of maternal milk Ffatty acid composition to childhood wheeze or asthma
EAACI Online Library, Jon Genuneit, 176792
Receptor mediated uptake of peanut proteins in dendritic cells.
EAACI Online Library, Joost Smit, 176919
Synthetic cationic peptides with linear helical and dendrimeric structures effectively reduce respiratory virus infection in vitro
EAACI Online Library, Igor Shilovskiy, 176935
Zonulin, the physiological protein to regulate intercellular tight junctions of epithelial cells, is closely associated with disease severity in children with atopic dermatitis
EAACI Online Library, Joo Young Song, 176987
Adolescent asthma in relation to severity and gender - data from a prospective population based cohort study
EAACI Online Library, Maria Ödling, 177029
Higher parental education reduced the risk of uncontrolled asthma
EAACI Online Library, Emma Goks, 176998
Associations between fetal ultrasound-based anthropometrics and atopic dermatitis by age 3: results of the Ulm SPATZ health study.
EAACI Online Library, Jon Genuneit, 176831
MicroRNA-sequencing in a mouse model of peanut sensitized mice treated by EPIT identifies early changes in microRNA expression influencing T-cell plasticity and Th2 cytokine production
EAACI Online Library, Jorg Tost, 176895
House dust mite and ascaris IgE sensitization in a birth cohort from the tropics: Follow-up to 6 years in the FRAAT study
EAACI Online Library, Josefina Zakzuk, 176798

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